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Love, Bekah’s greeting cards are for women, by women.

Empowering with a mix of encouragement and sass!

What inspired us and our logo? Read  our story.

Brand Story

Love, Bekah's Genesis

Where would I be without strong women surrounding me? Thankfully, I’ve never had to find out. Recently, while creating Love, Bekah, I realized one of the strongest women in my corner was me. To be real, Love, Bekah stems from heartbreak. I channeled my abundant support and wrote the cards I needed for healing. Instead of keeping that power to myself, I set out to share it with the world. 

Here is a raw look into a catalyzing heartache…

We needed to end it and I knew there was no going back. Watching him drive away in his bronze pick-up truck, I felt my flip-flops melt beneath my feet. 

For days after, emotions washed over me. My feelings were a raging mix of sadness, anger, disappointment, longing and some regret. Ultimately, I grieved the future I thought would be mine.

Yes, sure, healing took time, as everyone says. But it also took loved ones listening and offering moments of humor and inspiration. No doubt, if Love, Bekah LLC existed then, my mailbox would have been stuffed.

As a writer, they say “write what you know” and “write the words you need to hear.” I did this with my debut book and with my first company, Love, Bekah LLC.

I’m proud and honored to create the cards I needed to both give and receive.

I’ll never forget when my twin called me and said, “I think it’s time you enter your angry stage.” I laughed a little. But she was right. When I leaned into my strength and sass, I took my power back.

Love, Bekah uses heart-support ingredients to embody that loved one that tells you what you need to hear.


We have cards that are:

  • Sugar spice, like our “Spoiler Alert! You’re Amazing” card

  • Medium spice, like “I’m Sorry for Your Ex’s Loss” card 

  • Muy caliente, like our “We All Hated Him” card


Of course, we don’t really hate anyone. But we all know someone who “needs their people” and  needs that card!


We can’t take away someone’s pain. But we can show up with love, encouragement, strength and humor. Thanks for letting us help. 


We’re here for this joy, tears and everything in between.


-Love, Bekah 

History and Process

Love, Bekah hopes to grow our greeting card line and develop other fun offerings to support women.

In December of 2021, I assembled a small team of interns and we worked hard on a never-before-seen product. (Be sure to sign up for our info list and you’ll be in the know.) We realized our original creation would take advanced manufacturing and decided to first lean into the greeting card space. 

I’m so glad we did. Ever since I can remember, I’ve created my own cards. Somewhere, my Mom has a pile of childhood originals with “Reb-MARK” crayoned on the back under a hand-drawn gold tiara completing my faux logo. Lol. Love you, Hallmark! 

Often, I write the words I need to hear. As readers can see with my book, Alexandra and the Awful, Awkward, No Fun, Truly Bad Dates: A Picture Book Parody for Adults, I explored the hilarious and frustrating world of dating to help readers know they were not alone.

While going through big life changes, I do the same. During heartbreak, I drafted cards inspired by strength and love coming from around me and inside of me. I didn’t realize my journaling would eventually lead to tangible offerings. I was literally signing off on empowering support– to AND from myself. Which is why the name Love, Bekah eventually felt so right. But getting to that name took time—for me. 

My interns Renata and Melissa knew the winning name right away and asked me to consider “Love, Rebekah” for the company’s name. I was honored, but absolutely against it. Haha. I think I kept repeating– “Girls, I love you and I’m so honored. But we can’t use my name.” When they shifted strategies and encouraged “Love, Bekah” I felt something warm my heart. See, eventually, many of my friends lovingly call me Bekah. And I wanted our company to feel like a community where people could instantly feel welcomed and seen. I reflected on how, in my healing, I strived to offer myself the same tenderness modeled by my sister. It was a bit of a mantra for me. A confident, internal command— “LOVE—Bekah.” 

Love, Bekah is me signing off on what we share. And, I consider each of our teammates offering pieces of themselves to support other women. When I see what we create, I often hear Love, McKenzie ♥ Love, Renata ♥ Love, Melissa ♥ Love, Team Bekah— in my brain. We are all signing off on this creation.

In 2022 we hired five, powerhouse, summer interns to join our team. With over twenty cards to choose from, we voted on our top five. Mahin drafted gorgeous concepts and we workshopped our favorite three. We hired our Graphic Designer, Madi, and she patiently took us across the finish line to develop our three Love, Bekah launch cards. In late summer of 2022, we went to print with Moo.

Our shop is now open and we can't wait to share all of our hard work with you! We are excited to keep taking our intentional, baby-sloth-steps, forward with the same empowered love we put into our cards.

Behind the Logo

“This is my Gram,” I’d proudly tell anyone who’d listen. Certain of her celebrity status, I paraded my grandma down Doss Elementary’s hallways and slip “She was a model in New York” into every conversation.


Years later, in college, my friends and I drove from Arizona to visit Gram on Coronado Island. We named the trip Sally Salone, after her model name. “She’ll have on her signature lipstick—Orange Flip!” I assured my friends. “She’s rarely without it.”


Revlon’s peachy shade was simply who she was. And, as kids, I imagined her coral-colored smooches reaching me through the phone. We never got off a call without a goodbye of hugs and kisses. “Big squeeeeeze and mwwaaahh! Did you get them?” She’d ask.


Later on, I recognized the sign of Gram’s kisses leading us forward. Our strong all-women team encouraged me to consider lips for our logo. Just like with the history of the name, it took time, as I wasn’t convinced a red-kiss was the right route. Sure, customers might be healing from heartbreak, and we believe their red-lipped-romance awaits! However, Love, Bekah’s tangerine logo best represents our offering of friendship, fortitude and flair. 


Ultimately, I realized our Love, Bekah community channels Gram’s determination— the same forward-focused-vibe. She was born at home in Primghar, Iowa. We embody that same motivation that moved her off the family farm to bustling NYC, knowing she’d be a model and—if it wasn’t for the height requirement—she’d absolutely be a Rockette!


Signing off with Gram’s signature “Orange Flip” is the perfect fit for Love, Bekah. We think she’d agree and ask women to look within themselves to find their own peachy determination.


Big squeeze and mwah! Did you get it? Because you’ve sure got this!


-Love, Bekah xo

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